AI World Conference / Global Institution, Q1 2020

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Faced with a capacity audience for their AI conference early in 2020 and wishing to extend the reach of the event far and wide, our client (a Global institution) asked us for a solution. We were already providing production for the event which was booked to use the in-house fixed audio and vision systems.  

At a site visit it became clear that the in-house AV set up was fully locked in and not able to deliver any external feeds for live streaming. No problem, we brought in a full audio system with radio mics and were able to intercept the vison feed at the venue’s built in lectern, with a full Evolution technical team running the day. Adding roving and static HD broadcast cameras was relatively straightforward in the space which also had a very good fixed broadband connection, well in excess of the 10MBS minimum upload speed that we required. 

Audio, the camera feeds and the show content (PowerPoint and video) were distributed via our control desks to our vison director for mixing and encoding, for delivery to the client’s YouTube site. Both the live event and the live YouTube stream worked seamlessly.

Our client was delighted with the results – both with the production and the large increase in audience numbers with those watching remotely. 

Evolution says: This is a prime example of one of the many blended events (often referred to as ‘Hybrid’) that the Evolution Team has been delivering for many years. It’s the basis of our Studio Live concept [include a link] which sees the same production set up with presenters and crew all ‘live’ in the room but with the audience watching entirely remotely under current COVID measures.

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Nov 19, 2020
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