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COVID Latest updates

COVID situation updated October 5th 2020

Smaller business meetings indoors of up to 30 people, including all event personnel, remain allowable under the latest Government guidance and rules, provided social distancing rules are followed and COVID protection measures are in place. These maximum numbers apply to England but may vary in the devolved nations – we can advise accordingly. 


Outdoor meetings are subject to full Risk Assessment and COVID protection procedures being approved by the Local Authority who must issue a specific licence for the event. 


Whilst most European and other popular event destinations remain “open for business”, a wide range of restrictions may apply country-to-country. Key for the UK is the current requirement for 14 days quarantine for travellers arriving from the majority of oversea countries. Evolution is happy to organise meetings, incentive and hospitality trips for you across the world and will advise on the very latest restrictions on travel ex-UK. Currently, both Italy and Greece remain open to UK travellers, with travel corridors in place and terrific options available for you and your guests. Give us a call to find out more.

Social distancing measures mean that venue capacities are greatly reduced. Sadly, many venues remain temporarily or permanently closed. Evolution has its finger on the pulse though, and we can recommend appropriate locations for any of your events that meet the maximum number rules. From the hotels and larger spaces that you might use for your events, to the more unique and unusual locations that smaller attendance numbers open up – restaurants, golf clubs, museums… anywhere with sufficient space. Maybe your office location too?

The Evolution team follows strict COVID protection protocols when on site at any premises, as laid down by HM Government. These are the minimum standards that we apply and we are all always happy to follow any additional measures requested by our customers and venues.

Our technical equipment is fully cleaned and sanitised prior to leaving our premises, for the protection of our team and yours. Much of our equipment is strictly reserved for use by one individual only, such as lapel and head set microphones, control desks, cameras and computers. Regarding microphones, we ask that presenters fit their own mics in order to minimise contact. Where multiple use is unavoidable – for example with a presentation ‘clicker’, lecterns and lectern microphones – the kit is cleaned thoroughly between users.

Our teams carefully follow social distancing measures when on site, including appropriate PPE such as face coverings and gloves as required / practical, especially where social distancing is not possible. We, and we would expect the venues that we use, have plentiful supplies of hand sanitiser and extra face masks; hygienic washroom facilities will always be available for regular hand washing.

Evolution will work with you on an event by event, venue to venue basis to establish the appropriate guidelines to put in place for event organisers, crew, presenters and delegates.