Bringing a professional, ‘ready to go’ live production studio space to you!

We deliver, install and manage everything you need for a professional, live or pre-recorded studio session in the safety of your own office, venue or space.

What we offer

The Studio Live is a safe & secure way of generating & recording content for events, social media or other comms projects in an environment you are comfortable with. It offers everything you need to create a fully Covid-19 compliant, professional production studio,  in your own office or a venue of your choice.


  • Covid-19 compliant

  • Delivered, installed & managed by our technicians

  • Lighting, sound & recording equipment

  • Basic set furniture & backdrop

  • Pre-record or live stream

  • Floor manager

Why you should embrace blended, hybrid or virtual events using The Studio Live:

They can be more cost effective than a conventional event.
They are an environmentally friendly option.
They offer the potential to reach a far wider, sometime global audience.

Organisers can often attract previously unattainable speakers.
Organisers can create on-demand content for post event distribution.
Organisers can achieve fantastic lead generation results from online audiences.

What is The Studio Live?

Virtual events:

Virtual events and online events are becoming more and more popular with our clients - and for good reason! An online virtual event:

Can be more cost effective than a conventional event
Is a very environmentally friendly option
Allows you to reach a far wider, sometime global audience
Often makes previously unattainable speakers available
Creates on-demand content for post event distribution
Is a fantastic lead generation tool

We have over ? years’ experience as corporate event planners, so we know exactly what you need to do to make your virtual event or project a success.

Using a single or multiple camera set up, our STUDIO LIVE solution can vision mix, record and even broadcast your event live.

We produce online events in either conventional settings or in one of our virtual studio environments, and can live stream the content to a secure online platform for your delegates, staff or guests to watch and engage with.

STUDIO LIVE is much more cost effective than hiring a conventional studio.