Today’s blog is slightly different to those of the last few weeks in that I want to use it to simply ask some questions & make a few statements that should get us all thinking about the direction we are heading in, how we are or could be adapting our own businesses to reach those short term objectives we’ve recently been forced to set and what conversations might we be having with our clients & prospects to identify where & how they are going to get the events business back on track post COVID-19.

So here goes:

Is it a given that all future face to face events will have to be amplified with some sort of digital & virtual experience?

From an event perspective when life returns to ‘normal’, will staying at home be the new going out?

Can sponsorship of a virtual event (or elements of a F2F event) give a better ROI for sponsors than a face to face one?

“Today Virtual – Tomorrow Hybrid”

Businesses need to ensure they can survive today before they look long-term – JP Hanson

What is your virtual programme going to be & how will you engage with your sponsors?

Is there a danger that events become to technology & product led and less so about the customer & the experience being offered?

How will airlines adapt both the airport and in-flight customer offering to comply with new COVID-19 guidelines and will this cause many event organisers to put on hold plans to run events involving air travel in the short to mid term?

“Upheaval breeds innovation, transition provides space and perspective to reevaluate and reprioritise”

Extensive screen time, accelerated by behaviour changes due to COVID-19, will bring gamification to the fore for many new event planners.

With social distancing guidelines likely to restrict the size of future events, is there, an opportunity for event planners and suppliers to get creative and win new business?

The best marketers will be upping, not cutting, their budget – Mark Ritson

Post lockdown, but with new guidelines in place as to how we all live & go about business how can we help brands to deliver on the entertainment and escapism that experiential used to create at or as events & experiences?

The short to mid term focus for UK event planners has to be largely on UK venues so do we know enough about what’s on our own doorstep to put forward a compelling and winning proposal to a client?

Will venues be able to adapt effectively enough to attract event business with probable social distancing guidelines in place for some while?

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