What about the office?

Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, most of us have them.

Even Evolution has one, of sorts, buried away in our warehouse complex. Some of the team actually use it too, though the nature of our work and the location of some means that we only very rarely are all there at the same time.

In these days of high-tech communication we have always functioned well outside of the office. The current lockdown though has forced middle and senior managers who have historically eschewed home working (mistrust perhaps?) to accept, perhaps grudgingly, a WFH culture.

At the start of the lockdown in the UK, many of our key client stakeholders that I spoke with were enjoying (if that’s not too strong a word in the current circumstances) the ability to WFH all week long; no tedious commute; no leaving early and getting back late; saving money on fuel and travel. 4 weeks into the lockdown and that sentiment has changed from many that i speak with; cost savings aside, it turns out for many that the commute actually gave them the opportunity to separate work life from home life. Or to read or watch movies and box sets. Or, most importantly of all, that being at the office enabled them to communicate more effectively and efficiently with colleagues, chat with friends, pop out to the shops, have a work-social life. “I never thought i’d miss the drive to **** each day” “I used to be able to watch the first half of the movie on the train to work, the second half on the way back” “I’ve no one to talk to all day to break up the monotony” “it’s impossible to achieve anything in an online team meeting” are all comments I’ve heard.  

Who’d have thought people would miss the office! 

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