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Ten Good Reasons Why You Need Video On Your Corporate Website

Here at Evolution, we’re the ‘go-to’ choice for video production for some exciting clients – from a major education institution which has just commissioned a series of ten films to promote the work they do across the UK with offender learning in prisons, to the Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards, which needed 36 short videos filmed on location at each of the award nominees’ premises.

We’re firm believers that every business could benefit from using video to tell their story.  We live in a digital world and your website is capable of so much more than printed literature, so why not make those images on your page come to life with video, sound, graphics and voiceover?

Research has proven that people consume information much more effectively from a video than text, and will spend longer on the page if there’s a video playing. So we’ve put together 10 reasons why video on your website is so important – and when you’re ready to talk about how to make it happen, give our team a ring and we will work with you on some ideas.

Online video is the world’s biggest growing phenomenon. But if you think it’s all cute cats and baby videos – think again! Video is an almost limitless channel of marketing that enables brands to connect with their clients like never before.

The Top Ten Reasons for Online Video:

  1. This year 75% of all web traffic will be video related
  2. Video now increases click through rates by 65%
  3. Website visitors spend on average an extra 2 minutes on websites which feature video compared to sites without video
  4. Featuring YouTube embedded videos is one of the most effective ways to improve your search engine ranking, especially on Google (which just happens to own YouTube!)
  5. 75% of business executives watch work related videos weekly and 76% of marketing professionals said they thought video was the type of content that delivers the best return on investment
  6. 69% of executives agree if text and video are available to deliver information they prefer to watch a video
  7. More video content is uploaded to the web every month, than has been created for TV in the last 30 years
  8. 28% off all smart phone owners watch a video every single day
  9. Every day, half a billion people watch videos on Facebook – but 85% are watched without sound (we will use graphics to ensure your video still works visually if it’s for social media)
  10. Your video can reach an audience beyond your website – 82% of Twitter users watch video daily and Snapchatters watch an incredible ten billion videos every day

Keep a video eye open for some amazing interactive case studies heading your way from Evolution!

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