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January thoughts from Evolution CEO, Andi Swain

January’s always a fabulous time for me; apart from having my birthday (and two daughters’ birthdays), as it’s also one of our busiest months of the year. But more than that, it’s great to think about what the hot topics are going to be for the year ahead in the Events’ World. What are the themes and taglines that will dominate many of our customers’ events? (some might say too many of them). Where’s the economy headed, and therefore where are our customers headed?

Themes are already shaping up, with Star Wars a hot potato at the moment, but how long before Rio and the Olympics begin to rise to the surface and ex-Gold medallists take to the stage to motivate and energise our audiences. A subject we’ll be covering in the Spring edition of our Magazine, but perhaps not with the angle you’d expect!

The economy is another interesting one… sure, we create live events and video, not balance sheets. However, available budgets have a massive part to play in what can be achieved – and where. Whisper it quietly, but “steady as she goes” seems to be the sentiment, with the markets and other factors turning negative every time interest rate rises are mentioned. We’re seeing more and more enquiries through our Spanish office in Murcia, so maybe people are beginning to move away from negative concerns of what investors and the media would think if they held their event overseas, and focusing on the incredibly positive aspect of rewarding and encouraging the hardworking teams that have seen them through the recession.

Expect to see an ever growing focus on the difficulties of talent acquisition and retention over the coming months – there really is more to working life than just the salary!

On balance – 2016 is shaping up nicely!

Bring on 2016!

Following a fantastic record breaking year for Evolution, the team welcomed the start of 2016 with open arms.

From many amazing events, to great customers, old and new, 2015 was a year of positivity, hard- work and most of all…FUN!

On top of that, Evolution welcomed a whole host of new faces to the team, ready for the exciting year ahead.

With plenty of dates already inked into the diary, 2016 is looking to be an extremely busy year for the team, however they may be lucky enough to get a few days off in May – don’t say we never spoil them.

From everyone at Evolution, we would like to wish you are a very happy and healthy 2016.

Come and see us soon.

It’s been a busy December for Evolution

For many, December is a period of rest and relaxation, a time to put your feet up and indulge in the Christmas festivities, but for Evolution, December means just one thing: busy, busy, busy – just the way we like it!

Following a brilliant few weeks of Christmas party galore, the Evolution team said goodbye to the festive events on Friday 19th December, leading the team into a well-deserved two day break over the weekend.

However, the party doesn’t stop for long and it was back to the day job first thing on the morning of the 21st, heading down to ExCeL London to work on the Sun Seeker Yacht presence for the London Boat Show.

With just a couple of weeks to get the stand complete, it was all hands on deck for the run up to Christmas, ensuring as much as possible was done – despite our fabulous job, the team do still want a festive break, be it only a couple of days.

Suitably full of food and drink from a wonderful two days off, it was back to London on Wednesday 27th for a few more days of hard graft before another naughty day off on New Year’s Day (well none of the team would be much use with a hangover would they?)

After a fantastic non-stop Christmas period, the team at Evolution are very much looking forward to a jam packed 2016!