Monthly Archives: December 2015

Office Christmas Parties – The Talk of the Town

Office Christmas parties – they’re often the talk of the town (well department), for a good few weeks afterwards, but usually that’s down to an excessive amount of alcohol, not the fantastic décor. However, Evolution Christmas parties get their reputation due to the amazing themes and dedication of the team.

This December saw a fantastic range of events, with one highlight being a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme for a head-office party of 550.

As guests arrived, they found themselves walking into a winter wonderland filled with real Christmas trees covered in snow and decorated with not just your average baubles, but candy canes and candy floss.

Continuing their magical journey, guests travelled along the Wonka Bridge, surrounded by giant sweets, mushroom toadstools and a model of Charlie and his Grandad. The bridge itself was covered in UV lighting, creating a fantastic neon ambience.

Once guests had got to the other side, they found themselves in the Fizzy Lifting Drinks rooms ready for a fabulous drinks reception and extremely excited for what the rest of the night had in store.

Another stand out party saw an Alpine Wonderland theme, in which a second group of 200 guests were treated to alpine bars, mulled wine, and enough wooden logs to build a raft, as their skiing holiday dream became a reality for the evening.

With hundreds of happy guests, Evolution Christmas parties are a spectacle that will overshadow any dodgy dance moves.