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Q. When is Head Office not a Head Office?

A.  When ‘team evolution’ turn it into a Winter Wonderland!

An office Xmas party IN the office might sound a bit boring, unimaginative, or in fact, dull… BUT, planned with imagination and creativity, it can be the highlight of the year for your staff.

Here are some examples of a very recent company Xmas party we have just completed:

–       Full sit down three-course Christmas lunch cooked on site by the EVO catering team for 200 guests.

–       Main hub of the office transformed into a Winter Wonderland with DJ/Karaoke, festive fire, walls decked with festive spirit.

–       Meeting rooms individually themed to include a Xmas selfie room, sweet shop, winter sports arena plus loads more.

Feedback from the 200 guests was quite simply one of amazement.  How could their Head Office look and feel so festive and different from daily life?

Winter Wonderland

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