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Hiring a turtle for your event

You may not believe it judging by the great British weather, but summer 2016 is almost here, bringing with it festivals, fetes, parties and a hive of outdoor entertainment.

Having been involved in many events from circus themed parties to large formal dinners, we know how difficult it can be to find a space suitable for all your needs – not forgetting, offering a roof overhead for unpredictable English showers.

Want to know our solution? Why not let the venue come to you…

In the form of a turtle (the stage kind, not the reptile), the fully contained space is perfect for smaller events, festivals and parties, providing plenty of protection for your stage performers from nasty sunburn, or worse, rain. It is even possible to join two turtles together, making a temporary indoor space suitable for a formal dinner of around 120 people. All we need is some flat ground.

If you’d like to find out more about hiring one of our turtles for your event, please contact Neil Woodward by emailing

Just when we thought Christmas was over

Just when we thought Christmas was over, one of our major FMCG customers have already been launching their plans for Christmas 2016, to their internal teams. Despite only being at the end of February, we joined them at their event this week at the Park Inn by Radisson, where they were already beginning to prepare themselves for Christmas, their busiest period of the year.

Along with a brief appearance over Skype from Santa, the team were gearing themselves up to make this year the greatest Christmas ever! We’re very excited to watch them put their plans into action.

It’s been a busy December for Evolution

For many, December is a period of rest and relaxation, a time to put your feet up and indulge in the Christmas festivities, but for Evolution, December means just one thing: busy, busy, busy – just the way we like it!

Following a brilliant few weeks of Christmas party galore, the Evolution team said goodbye to the festive events on Friday 19th December, leading the team into a well-deserved two day break over the weekend.

However, the party doesn’t stop for long and it was back to the day job first thing on the morning of the 21st, heading down to ExCeL London to work on the Sun Seeker Yacht presence for the London Boat Show.

With just a couple of weeks to get the stand complete, it was all hands on deck for the run up to Christmas, ensuring as much as possible was done – despite our fabulous job, the team do still want a festive break, be it only a couple of days.

Suitably full of food and drink from a wonderful two days off, it was back to London on Wednesday 27th for a few more days of hard graft before another naughty day off on New Year’s Day (well none of the team would be much use with a hangover would they?)

After a fantastic non-stop Christmas period, the team at Evolution are very much looking forward to a jam packed 2016!

Office Christmas Parties – The Talk of the Town

Office Christmas parties – they’re often the talk of the town (well department), for a good few weeks afterwards, but usually that’s down to an excessive amount of alcohol, not the fantastic décor. However, Evolution Christmas parties get their reputation due to the amazing themes and dedication of the team.

This December saw a fantastic range of events, with one highlight being a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme for a head-office party of 550.

As guests arrived, they found themselves walking into a winter wonderland filled with real Christmas trees covered in snow and decorated with not just your average baubles, but candy canes and candy floss.

Continuing their magical journey, guests travelled along the Wonka Bridge, surrounded by giant sweets, mushroom toadstools and a model of Charlie and his Grandad. The bridge itself was covered in UV lighting, creating a fantastic neon ambience.

Once guests had got to the other side, they found themselves in the Fizzy Lifting Drinks rooms ready for a fabulous drinks reception and extremely excited for what the rest of the night had in store.

Another stand out party saw an Alpine Wonderland theme, in which a second group of 200 guests were treated to alpine bars, mulled wine, and enough wooden logs to build a raft, as their skiing holiday dream became a reality for the evening.

With hundreds of happy guests, Evolution Christmas parties are a spectacle that will overshadow any dodgy dance moves.

Q. When is Head Office not a Head Office?

A.  When ‘team evolution’ turn it into a Winter Wonderland!

An office Xmas party IN the office might sound a bit boring, unimaginative, or in fact, dull… BUT, planned with imagination and creativity, it can be the highlight of the year for your staff.

Here are some examples of a very recent company Xmas party we have just completed:

–       Full sit down three-course Christmas lunch cooked on site by the EVO catering team for 200 guests.

–       Main hub of the office transformed into a Winter Wonderland with DJ/Karaoke, festive fire, walls decked with festive spirit.

–       Meeting rooms individually themed to include a Xmas selfie room, sweet shop, winter sports arena plus loads more.

Feedback from the 200 guests was quite simply one of amazement.  How could their Head Office look and feel so festive and different from daily life?

Winter Wonderland

For more information on how we can turn your office or venue into something quite spectacular, as well as plan, create and manage the entire event, call us on 01908 965555 or email us at



How can a Turtle help out with your Summer event?

Turtle GT 02

Summer is on its way and that means festivals, outdoor parties, concerts, not to mention the World Cup! (C’mon England!) So what do these have in common with a turtle? More to the point, how can a turtle be of any use at an event?

New to our armoury of event equipment is The Turtle GT! In short, this is a huge inflatable cover in which you can build staging, lighting and all the other effects that make an event one to remember!

So, if you want to show the World Cup matches to an audience that’s a fair bit bigger than you and your mum and your dad and your gran, your next step isn’t Waterloo, but Evolution! Call us on +44 (0) 1908 965555.